From February to March 2015 we are going to show a solo exhibition with paintings by Herbert Maier.
Artworks out of the years 2000 to 2014 will be on display for to give a great overview about the artist's painterly range.

Herbert Maier | Paintings 2000 - 2014
Text: Susanne Holst-Steppat M.A.
Languages: German, English, Korean

Opening reception
Monday, 2nd February 2015, 7pm to 9pm

Introductive speech
Susanne Holst-Steppat M.A.

Exhibition runtime
3rd February to 7th March 2015

Cover picture
Herbert Maier, Scheibenraumkörper 13, oil on canvas, 2012-2014, 80 x 190 cm, diptych
Herbert Maier Paintings 2000-2014