1950       born in Erfurt, Germany
1970       starts painting
1972       starts sculpturing
1977       works as artist
1984       starts nude photography
1990       founding member of Kunstverein
               Schloss Röderhof, Germany
               schpolarship arstist foundation Bonn, Germany


2015       Arthistorical museum Mühlhausen,
               Egyptian academy
               Biennale di soncino, Rome
Cultural Institute Beejad Marocco
2011       Artour o Firenze, Florence, Italy
2002       Michaelis Church Dresden, Germany
2001       Sculptur Symposium Volkenroda - Körner,
               Art Frankfurt, Germany
               Media House Hannover, Gremany
2000       Erotic Art, Dresden, Germany
               International Symposium Mirabel, France
1999       International Etching Symposium,
               Fürstenfeldbruck, Germamy
               International Symposium Mirabel, France
               Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany
               Founding "Monday shake" with Simone
               Founding Cultureclub Unstruttal, Germany
1996       Museum Dörmitz, "Zur Brücke", Dannenberg
               Baltic Museum, Poland
1995       work scholarship Kleinsassen, Germany
               castle Schönfeld, Kassel, Germany
               Casino, Wiesbaden, Germany 
1994       Cubes in Europe 
               Installations in diffrent landscapes
               Art In, Meerane, Germany  
               work scholarshio Kleinsassen
1993       Neues Museum, Landsberg, Germany
               municipal museum Zwickau, Germany
               graphic fair, Dresden Germany
1992       Scluptor Symposium Mühlshausen, Germany
               Founding "Blok" with Susanne Bockelmann
               Caleway art centre, Ireland
1991       Art museum Heidenheim, Germany
               Sculptor Symposium Mühlhausem, Germany
               forest as missunderstanding
               Symposium Babe, Brandenburg, Germany
1990       European art workshop, Weimar, Germany
               Art Cologne
               Workshop with artist and students
               of St. Martins Academy. London
Ralf Klement